Want to attract multiple offers when putting your home up for sale? Here are the top home features and renovations Canadian buyers are looking for in the post-pandemic real estate market.
Starting a new job while working from home can be challenging. From setting up your home office to connecting with colleagues, here are five onboarding tips that will set you up for success.
Mix up a pitcher of these island-inspired tequila cocktail recipes to bring the holiday vibes right to your backyard.
Summer is the perfect season to elevate your outdoor cooking skills. Get ready for your next backyard cookout with these 10 grilling hacks that will make you a BBQ pro.
These 10 boredom-busting ideas will help you get outside and have fun with your kids all summer long.
Hunching over a computer all day long can leave your muscles and joints feeling stiff. Loosen up your body and boost your blood flow by incorporating some simple desk stretches into your workday.
Want to host friends and family in your backyard, but don’t have the budget for a big summer party? Try these easy outdoor entertaining ideas that won’t break the bank.
Staying at home for so many months has triggered the thirst to travel like never before. We’re all dying to get out and see the world again, but the travel landscape has changed, as has the mindset of avid travellers. Here’s what to expect from trave
Now is the perfect time to get outside and treat your home to some TLC with this summer maintenance checklist. Some of these tasks take no more than five minutes – no procrastination allowed.
Dog days of summer got you down? It might be time to consider a portable air conditioner, a practical and convenient choice for specific air conditioning needs and smaller spaces.
How do you leave your puppy or kitten home alone after spending so much time together? Help your four-legged friends adjust to your absence with these helpful tips.
Want to recreate your favourite ice cream flavours at home? Here are a few delicious recipes and creative techniques to try with your family.
Summer doesn’t last forever! Make the most of your time off with these fun activities and experiences to enjoy over the holiday weekend.
Working on your outdoor space this summer? Here are the 14 must-have garden tools and accessories every green-thumb should have on-hand.
Host a Fête Nationale du Québec picnic on June 24 with historic traditions, authentic French-Canadian fare, thematic decorations, and artistic performances.
Dreaming about future travel plans? If you need some inspiration for your next getaway, these six international travel experiences are worth putting on your vacation bucket list.
Want to recreate a salon-quality blowout at home? Grab a round brush and follow these styling tricks to create a full-bodied hairstyle that’s frizz-free and has plenty of volume.
Whether your Dad is a meat-eater, a seafood fan, or a veggie-lover, these creative, mouthwatering BBQ menus are sure to make his Father’s Day extra memorable.
Want to save money while making your home more environmentally friendly? Canada’s new Greener Homes Grant program provides homeowners with refunds of up to $5,000 for eco-friendly upgrades and renovations.
Asparagus is a healthy and versatile vegetable that comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Make the most of asparagus season by using this delicious summer staple in salads, pastas, or as part of a barbecue spread.
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