Nappy time: reusable vs. disposable diapers

December 18, 2014

You’ll change hundreds of diapers in the first year of your baby’s life, so choosing between reusable or disposable nappies is something do consider. The act of changing diapers will be a major part of your life for the next couple of months. Newborns in particular need eight to 10 nappy changes per day. You just can’t avoid it. As new parents, or parents-to-be, you will have to make a decision before you bring home your bouncing bundle of joy. Fortunately, we’ve compiled some information to help you make your choice between reusable or disposable nappies.

Nappy time: reusable vs. disposable diapers

Disposable nappies

If you look back in history, or even ask your grandparents, disposable diapers were not always an option. Parents, usually mothers, used cloth nappies on their babies and the world kept spinning. But as soon as the disposable nappies hit the market, they became an instant hit. As it stands, disposable diapers are the choice for many parents because they're convenient when you’re taking your baby on errands or to visit family. With disposable diapers, you can change your baby’s nappy and throw away the used diaper in any trash. You don’t have to worry about carrying around a soiled nappy until you go home. But with convenience comes an inconvenient truth: disposable diapers are not as environmentally friendly as other options.

The downside of disposables

Since you'll be changing your baby’s nappy several times a day, you'll be creating a lot of mess. And if you have more than one child in nappies, you’re probably going to see a small mountain of nappies sitting at your curb side on garbage day every week. Disposable diapers are also more costly when you factor in the number of disposable nappies you'll need to change.

Reusable nappies

With more awareness and concern for the environment, there has been a surge in interest for cloth or reusable nappies. While reusable nappies are not as readily found as disposable nappies, the demand for them has been steadily rising. This means that many specialty shops or local delivery services are beginning to make reusable nappies available. If you're committed to using reusable nappies, there are some benefits to your choice. Because you’ll need to change your child’s nappy more often, you’ll see less instances of diaper rash, unlike with disposables. Their overall cost is much less than what you’d spend on disposables.

Remember, you don’t have to choose reusable or disposable nappies. You can decide to use some combination. Many parents use cloth nappies at home and disposable nappies when they go out. Whatever you decide to do will be the best for your baby.

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