The ultimate camping checklist

July 13, 2015

If you’ve never camped before, but you’re ready to leave the troubles of the world behind, here are some ways to make your experience nothing less than perfect.

The ultimate camping checklist

Choosing a location

The wonderful thing about camping is you have so much choice. But before diving into your new adventure, take a moment to consider the type of camping you’d like to try:

  •  Would you be up for a winter camping adventure?
  • What about beach camping , complete with the sound of surf to lull you to sleep each night?
  • You could always get into the pioneer spirit and give backwoods camping a go.
  • And if you’d like, you can always bring your dog along. Just check ahead to see if they’re allowed at the campground.

After you’ve made up your mind, you’ll then need to think about the best time to book, price, and if a deposit is needed at the campsite where you hope to stay.

With so many beautiful national parks across Canada, choosing can be difficult. That’s why the internet is so useful, because you’ll find information about the best camp sites in Canada at the click of a button. What’s more, each province and territory has its own website, so the choice is yours.

What gear to bring

Before setting out on your adventure, put together a list of camping gadgets and gear you’ll want to bring along: from must-have camping accessories such as a sleeping pad and headlamp, to essential camping items you shouldn’t leave home without, including matches and a good pocket knife.

Plan your meals

Well-fed campers are happy campers. That’s why ordinary sandwiches every day just won’t do, and also why planning ahead for simple and tasty camping recipes is a must.

  • Don’t forget to pack the camping utensils you’ll need to cook with.
  • Keep in mind that many places don’t allow you to build outdoor fires, so verify before you leave.

Basic necessities

Know nothing about buying a tent, a stove or a sleeping bag ? Take the time to educate yourself and ask relevant questions, since, after all, you’ll want this equipment to last for a while.

  • Firstly, establish a budget; ask yourself if you prefer material that’s new, used or rented.
  • Draft a list of required accessories and check which ones you already have before you head out to the shop.

Unwanted visitors

When you go camping, you’re inviting yourself to live amongst furry friends.

  • Not a fan of bugs? Make sure you have some insect repellant on hand.
  • It could also be beneficial to learn about the wildlife in your surroundings so you’re better equipped to ward off bears, raccoons, or snakes.
  • Consult these sources to better protect yourself from these animals.

Make kids part of the activity

Nothing is more enjoyable than a family camping trip. Learn how to make the most of the trip with your children on the trip whether they’re babies or teenagers.

  • Think of games and activities to play once you get there. After a long day, how about treating everyone to a story around the campfire or a sing-a-long?

If you've never set foot in a tent or spent a night in a sleeping bag, it might be time to try camping and see how a simple meal and an evening spent under the stars can rejuvenate the spirit and make you feel at one with nature.

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