What to consider when choosing an exterminator

December 23, 2014

Every home has its creepy crawlers. It’s impossible to completely rid yourself of the odd spider, fly or ant, but some places suffer much worse things than our benign and loveable friend — the spider. Infestations even. Hordes of verminous pests marauding through the house like an invading army of doom. Horrific swarms of tiny chitinous monsters coming to feast on your blood. Nothing seems to stop them. They’re in the floorboards, the cracks, the furniture, your bed and even your clothes. Possibly even the clothes you’re wearing right now!

But fear not. When all else fails, when the bug spray has run dry and the traps are clogged full of the awful beasts, there’s still hope. There’s someone you can call who just might be able to save your bacon once and for all. There’s only one choice left: an exterminator.

But how should you choose an exterminator for the job? Explore your options and find out as quickly as possible, because there’s no telling when those horrible things will come back, spilling out into the night like a walking pox.

What to consider when choosing an exterminator

The best exterminators

The first thing you should remember is to try to find a licensed exterminator. Pest control necessarily involves toxic chemicals. While they won’t make you drop dead like they will the bugs, you still want to make sure the person who’s doing the job knows how to do it right, how to identify the pests at hand and what the most effective methods are of removing them.

Check the premise

You’ll also want to make sure you’re working with someone who actually comes and inspects the home before they choose the extermination methods. The home inspection should be part of the overall charge for extermination, and not an extra fee. It’s necessary for the process and anyone who doesn’t do it might not have your best interests in mind.

What’s more, you may want to inquire as to what methods of extermination they’re planning to employ, and what the potential side effects may be. If you have a sensitivity to a particular chemical, you’re definitely going to want to make them aware of that. Also, while some exterminators will want you to sign up for extermination at regular intervals to keep the pests at bay, this isn’t always necessary depending on the type of infestation, so be sure to inquire as to what exactly is necessary for your particular problem.

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