Tips for buying a hair straightener

December 16, 2014

Get perfectly straight hair without leaving home by purchasing your own hair iron. Here are a few features to consider when choosing the best hair straightener for you.

Types of hair straighteners

Ceramic hair straighteners: A ceramic flat iron uses ceramic plates that heat evenly, without creating hot spots that can burn your hair. It seals cuticles and locks in moisture for a shiny, frizz-free look.

Tourmaline hair straighteners: A tourmaline flat iron has plates made from crushed gemstone that produce negatively charged ions that close the hair cuticle, seal in moisture and eliminate static without causing hair to become dry or brittle.

Infrared hair straighteners: An infrared flat iron uses ultraviolet rays to soften and relax hair with minimal damage to hair follicles.

Ionic hair straighteners: An ionic flat iron creates negatively charged ions to neutralize hair strands, leaving hair straight and static-free.

Additional hair straightener features:

Consider purchasing a straightening iron that has a few extra features for added convenience:

  • Heat timer: Flat irons differ in the time they take to heat up.
  • Temperature control: Many flat irons feature customized heat control.
  • Wet to straight:Uses a steam function that allows damp, towel-dried hair to be straightened without drying.
  • Automatic shut-off: Automatic shut-off function will turn off your hair straightener after a set period to avoid overheating.
  • Cordless: A cordless hair straightener is great for travel and for styling on the run.

Factors to consider when buying a hair straightener

Before purchasing, consider a few key factors to help choose the best flat iron for your hair:

Hair type: Consider the natural texture of your hair. Thick, coarse hair requires high temperature settings. A hair straightener that features temperature control is a better choice for fine, naturally straight hair as it can be damaged easily at higher temperatures.

Right size: Choosing the right size flat iron depends on the length of your hair. Smaller irons are best for short hair, while wider irons can cover more surface area and are better suited for longer hair.

Built-in features: Some hair irons come with specific features for certain types of hair. For example, a built-in comb for unruly curls.


A few hair accessories can help protect your hair and make straightening it a little easier.

  • Heat protection spray: Heat protection products prevent heat damage, add shine and help to control frizz.
  • Heat prevention mat:Provides a safe place to rest the hair straightener while in use.
  • Spring clips: Also known as crocodile or alligator clips, these help to hold sections of hair in place while you straighten, making the process less complicated and producing better results.

Taking a moment to consider your hair type and what features you want in a flat iron will help you to choose the best hair straightener for you. The right hair care tool makes it easy to get that gorgeous, sleek look without an expensive trip to the salon.

Tips for buying a hair straightener
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