Tips for easy and creative gift-wrapping

November 3, 2015

Your options are practically endless when it comes to finding creative new ways to wrap gifts. Try one or more of these ideas to put the spark of enjoyment back into the task of gift wrapping.

Tips for easy and creative gift-wrapping

Tips to make gift wrapping easier

  • Use double-sided tape to make wrapping easier.
  • Use sturdy wrapping paper that doesn't tear easily.
  • Always wrap your gifts on a hard, flat surface.
  • Use gift bags and tissue paper to wrap oddly-shaped gifts.

Although these basic tips sound simple, they can make a huge difference in the overall outcome and appearance of your wrapped gifts.

1. Decorate a plain shirt box

  • When wrapping a lightweight clothing item, skip the large rolls of wrapping paper and decorate an inexpensive, plain white gift box (known as a shirt box) instead.
  • Let your creative juices flow as you use paint, markers, coloured pencils, stickers or anything else you have lying around the house to decorate the box in your own unique way.

2. Wrap it in a scarf or fabric

  • Using a piece of fabric or a fleece scarf to wrap a gift is extremely easy, plus the recipient gets to keep it as a little bonus gift.
  • Just tie the ends of the fabric together on top to secure it. The tied ends replace the need for a bow.

3. Use non-traditional wrapping paper

  • There are plenty of ways to wrap a present without using actual wrapping paper. Choose a sheet of paper that ties in with the theme of your gift or represents the recipient's interest. For instance, wrap a small gift for a music lover in a page of sheet music, or use a map to wrap up something travel-related, like a new GPS.

4. Make the container part of the gift

  • People love these kinds of gifts because they can keep the container or reuse it to wrap one of their own gifts.
  • Items like gift baskets, decorative tins and glass jars are great for small miscellaneous items. Just add some tissue paper inside to pad the items, then attach ribbon or a bow to the top.

5. Streamers for small gifts

  • When wrapping many tiny gifts at one time, you don't need to pull out a huge roll of wrapping paper. Instead, use a roll of birthday party streamers for quick gift wrap that's easy to manage.
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