Easy-to-make ideas for unconventional gift boxes they'll love

October 16, 2014

Out of boxes while you’re wrapping gifts for the holidays? Trying to wrap an oddly-shaped gift? If you need more boxes in a jiffy, or you want to personalize your gift, try these unusual boxes you can easily make yourself.

Easy-to-make ideas for unconventional gift boxes they'll love

DIY boxes for small treasures

For smaller gifts, like jewellery, there are many folded paper alternatives to make your own unique gift box. Search online for templates and tutorials that will help you create charming little boxes using origami papers, scrapbook paper and even old greeting cards to magically cut and fold your own little treasure boxes in a variety of shapes.

Another quick idea for small gifts or party favours is to use a colourful paper cup (the five-ounce size is usually just right). Snip off the rolled top edge of the cup. Then, make a series of half-inch cuts from the top down, all around the cup, so you get eight tabs. Nestle your gift into the cup with a little tissue and fold the tabs in over one another in a spiral. Put a sticker, a bow, a button or even a candy or small fresh flower on top to finish the box.

Not enough time to make a box? Tuck your gift into a Chinese takeout container and top it off with a ribbon, stickers or a handwritten message. (Just make sure the container is clean!)

Recycling other containers

Who says a gift box has to be a box? Some interesting alternatives can be easily personalized with a marker, paint or ribbon. You can allow your imagination to soar:

  • A mason jar or jam jar (see how beautiful a silk scarf can look tucked into a jar)
  • A terra cotta planting pot (invert the dish to use as a lid on top)
  • A coffee can or oatmeal canister wrapped in shelf liner, scrapbook paper or wallpaper
  • Paper towel or gift wrap paper tubes, rolled in colourful paper and tied off “English cracker style”
  • A six-pack beverage carrier, sides neatly covered with wrapping paper (or not, for a playful touch), filled with all the items needed for moving day (marker, labels, water, snacks), movie night (DVD, microwaveable popcorn, candy), or a new baby (a blanket, a bottle or bath items) and topped off with a big bow

Furoshiki: the art of wrapping with fabric

Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping with fabric, is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, you can buy gift wrapping fabric at many craft outlets. You can also repurpose fabric you already have: try wrapping a bottle of wine with a tea towel or silk scarf and tie it off with a ribbon. Use instead a flannel shirt or a piece of it to create a gift that really stands out for its originality.

Easily adaptable to gifts of odd sizes and shapes, furoshiki wrapping can be used around a box or without one. You can experiment with freeform folds and knots. An alternative is to look at online furoshiki instructional videos to try some classic wrapping techniques and artistic knotting.

Make your gift the container

Some gifts, such as a bowl, a mug or votive candle holder, can be both the gift and gift box. Line your gift with a little tissue paper for a festive touch, add some thoughtful, inexpensive items inside, and your gift is ready for giving!

A box isn’t necessary to wrap your gift in style. Your original ideas for gift boxes will help make your gift unique, eco-friendly and memorable. What's more, making your own gift box is a project the whole family can enjoy together. And what greater gift is there than spending time with loved ones?

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