Top freezer fridges: the key features to consider

November 6, 2014

Familiarizing yourself with the range of features available will allow you to make an informed decision when choosing a model.

Top freezer fridges: the key features to consider

Buyers are faced with a wide array of functional and aesthetic alternatives when they buy top-freezer refrigerators.

Top-freezer fridges or top-mount fridges

Also known as top-mount fridges, top-freezer refrigerators can easily fit into narrow spaces and provide easy access to food stored in the freezer section.

Top freezer fridges provide you with numerous operating and financial benefits, and they're more affordable compared to side-by-side models.

However, the freezer section offers limited storage space and isn't suitable for buyers with bulk-food storage needs.

Energy efficiency

Top-mounted freezer refrigerators offer energy-efficiency benefits that other units with larger capacities don't.

  • Manufacturers claim that this model saves up to 89 kilowatts of power annually when compared to the majority of styles available on the market.


The refrigerator and freezer compartments are full width, which is not the case with side-by-side styles.

  • Top-freezer fridges are great for buyers who want a customizable unit because it's possible to adjust dimensions of compartments as desired.


You can also switch the door swing direction, and the shelves allow you to customize the layout according to specific storage requirements.


Bins: Some models come with an adjustable door bin for storing beverages. The bins prevent both small and larger items from sliding on the shelf in addition to accommodating varying container sizes, thanks to the adjustability feature.

Shelves: Glass shelves help preserve lower temperatures and control spills for easy cleaning. Glass also enhances the appearance of the interior compartments by giving them a cleaner and brighter look.

Fighting ice buildup: No-frost technology counteracts ice buildup on contents stored in the freezer section, allowing them to remain in ideal condition.

LED lights: Energy-saving LED lighting helps reduce the amount of power used by a unit. This form of lighting illuminates compartments with bright light that emits less heat compared to traditional bulbs.

Keeping your food fresh: Top-mounted freezer refrigerators offer the ideal conditions for ensuring longer-lasting freshness, thanks to optimal humidity. This capability creates the perfect environment for fruits and vegetables.

Compressor technology: Buying a top-freezer fridge model with advanced compressor technology provides you with a durable product. These type of compressors run according to usage patterns and humidity levels to optimize efficiency, and reduce noise as well as wear and tear.

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