6 unusual ideas to help you enjoy camping in a whole new way

July 22, 2014

If your idea of fun is a small, cramped tent and a hard-to-light campfire, think again! These six unusual ideas will help you enjoy camping in a whole new way.

6 unusual ideas to help you enjoy camping in a whole new way

1. Ready-to-camp packages

These days you can go camping without having to buy, organize and carry everything. Sites offer all-inclusive packages which provide the tent, mattresses and almost all of the equipment and supplies you’ll need. You just bring your own bedding and food. This can be a nice way to discover the thrill of camping for the first time, without the burden of investing in full gear.

2. Comfortable hut shelters

Huts are actually small shelters, often a single structure, without electricity or running water. It's a bit like being in a tent, but with more open space and better protection against the elements. Think of it as a happy medium between camping and a chalet.

3. Traditional yurt dwellings

It’s the traditional dwelling of Mongolian nomads, and the yurt is making a comeback. It’s becoming the most popular type of camping accommodation, mostly because of its unexpected charm and comfort. Yurts can be very spacious and warm. You’ll be impressed!

4. Sky-high tree houses

Just like when you were a kid! You can spend a few nights in a cabin among the tree tops, somewhere between heaven and Earth. This is definitely one of the best, and most original camping experiences to try. Go ahead, you know you want to!

5. Cosy camper vans

Straight out of the hippie era, camper vans never really went out of style. It’s still a popular choice due to its relative low cost and high convenience. No need to book a space and pitch a tent at a campsite, you can simply come and go as you please.

Unlike other larger recreational vehicles, you can park virtually anywhere you like without worrying about disturbing anyone. A simple minivan also works out nicely: remove the back seats, pack your mattress, and hit the road! This is the ultimate in freedom and simplicity!

6. Back country camping

For purists, camping in the open wilderness is still the only way to go. Done in remote areas that can only be reached by canoe; you have no water, no electricity, and no proximity to any conveniences. You must be organized and well equipped. This is ideal for the most experienced, extreme campers.

Camping in seclusion is one of the best ways to relax and shut out the world. So if you need to get back to basics, back country camping is the one for you!

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