What to do when you need to tow your car

September 22, 2014

Preparing for bad scenarios can help make the moments after an accident or engine problem less stressful. Discover how to find the best car towing service.
Be prepared

You’re stuck in a giant pothole or you've been involved in an accident. What towing company are you going to call? You'll feel safer and calmer when you’re prepared for an emergency beforehand. Research the most reliable local tow services before. Keep their information with you. In the event of an emergency, you won't need to guess who to call. You'll be well prepared to handle the situation.

What to look for in a local towing service

Your home or job is probably close to at least one reputable towing service. Just conduct some online research to find one nearby. Choose the one you can trust during a road emergency. Read reviews from past clients to ensure you have selected a reputable service.

To cover all possible scenarios for a vehicle breakdown or collision, here are some of the basic services and qualifications a good towing service will offer:

  1. Both local and long-distance towing.
  2. 24-hour emergency towing.
  3. Flatbed towing in addition to the usual wheel lift.
  4. A heavy-duty truck to handle larger cars, trucks or SUVs.
  5. Licensed, insured, affiliated with reputable motor clubs.

Make reliable connections

Join an auto club like a national automobile association or your favourite gas station motor club. Most have some roadside assistance program to help you find a towing service. Plus, you may also benefit from some membership discounts and perks.

Check out your auto insurance company’s coverage for towing in case of collision or breakdown. The number for a car towing service may even be on your insurance card. You could also give your insurance agent a call for their brochures on what to do in case of a collision.

What should you expect from a car tow operator?

Expect reputable car tow operators to follow the regulations of the municipality they work in. In fact, some metropolitan areas require local towing services charge one flat fee with no added mileage charges. Expect these basic responsibilities from a reputable vehicle towing service:

  1. Having you sign a “permission to tow” agreement.
  2. Presenting a bill before asking for payment.
  3. Taking proper care of your vehicle and personal property.
  4. Taking your vehicle to the repair shop you want.
  5. Following your reasonable instructions.
  6. Behaving in a courteous manner.

How do you know your car really needs a tow?

If you have a flat, your car can't stay steady, or fluid is leaking after a collision, you should stop the vehicle immediately. Pull over and call a reliable car tow company to ensure your safety as well as the safety of other drivers on the road.

What to do when you need to tow your car
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