Why you need a smart lock

Some smart locks feature full keypads that allow users to type in a code rather than use a key to open the door. Others are installed on your existing deadbolt, allowing the lock to be opened with a smartphone. If you're thinking about getting one, consider these benefits.

Why you need a smart lock

Smart locks offer convenience

  • Since you can unlock your home with your smartphone, you no longer have to bring a bulky key ring with you on short trips, such as taking the dog for a walk or running a few laps around the neighbourhood.
  • Smart locks are also ideal for unlocking your home when your hands are full with groceries or you're carrying a sleeping child.
  • By removing the extra step on reaching for your keys, you can save yourself the trouble of rummaging for your keys.

You can distribute virtual temporary keys

  • You can produce virtual temporary keys if other people need to enter your home. Distributing a key is often as easy as sending a text message.
  • That means you can give your neighbour access to your home for an hour so he can return your hammer or give your dog walker daytime access during the week to walk Fido.
  • Some locks allow you to offer repeated limited access, so the dog walker might always be able to come between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., but won't be able to get in any other time.
  • Keys are easy to produce and can be revoked just as easily. If you decide to give your boyfriend a key, and you suddenly break up, you don't have to worry about trying to get a physical key back.
  • The same goes for nosy neighbours, baby sitters or anyone else. With a smart lock, you can revoke access later should the need arise.

You'll know who has locked and unlocked your door

  • One of the most powerful features of smart locks is the ability to track when your door is unlocked and locked and by whom.
  • You can be on the other side of the world and see that your kids have gotten home safely from school or know that you mom stopped by for an unexpected visit in the middle of the afternoon.
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