Stress less on moving day with this easy-to-pack survival kit

November 14, 2014

Between packing and moving, it's no wonder you'd be stressed on moving day. Luckily, it's easy to make a pack-ahead survival kit to keep things comfortable.

Stress less on moving day with this easy-to-pack survival kit

Moving is stressful

Like any big transition, moving house can be stressful. Making things worse is the fact that many people focus so much on finding a new place, signing a lease and moving their belongings that they forget to make their first days in a new place as comfortable as possible.

Begin with the basics

To ensure a stress-free moving day, remember to ensure that the basic items you'll need are easily accessible. These should include:

  • Bedding: Decide ahead of time whether you'll set up your bed on moving day or sleep on an air mattress or in a sleeping bag. Pack linens and pillows accordingly.
  • Hygiene: Don't neglect personal care. Make sure you have items for brushing teeth and bathing at hand.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medicine: Ensure that prescription medicines are close at hand so your move doesn't disrupt your normal healthcare regimen. You may also wish to pack pain relief medicine to help with moving-related muscle soreness.

Creature comforts

It's easy to get so caught up in moving that you forget about your first night in your new home. Pack the following to make moving in as comfortable as possible:

  • Bath and kitchen supplies: Hedge against an uncomfortable first day at home by bringing some bath and kitchen supplies along. Pack a few bars of soap, a sponge and some dish soap, some paper or fabric towels, and a roll or two of toilet paper.
  • Emergency lighting: A torch or two can provide lighting in an unfamiliar setting in case your utilities aren't turned on by the time you arrive.
  • First-day food: Perhaps you'd rather order pizza or eat sandwiches the night of a big move, but don't forget about your first full day in your new place. Pack a few easy breakfast items, and snacks and bring a kettle or coffee maker if you know you'll need caffeine.

Moving day can be stressful, but don't forget to enjoy the excitement of your new place.

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