3 cool reasons to book an ice hotel holiday

December 4, 2014

Ice hotels are a growing vacation trend worldwide and within reach of the everyday traveller. Here are 3 great reasons you should book your vacation in this can't-miss experience today.

3 cool reasons to book an ice hotel holiday

What's an ice hotel?

As the name implies, ice hotels are built almost entirely out of ice. With their frozen walls and lights that illuminate everything in their wake, it makes for an incredible visual experience – one that’s equally as appealing on both the inside and outside facade.

1. Comfortable accommodations

When staying in one of these frozen hotels, guests can drum up some fascinating experiences, while gaining access to some of the most refined cuisines in the area.

  • Ice hotels offer fine dining, comfortable beds, plenty of blankets to stay warm and virtually everything else their guests may need.
  • Also, where else can you keep your cocktail chilled with ice taken directly from the wall of your room?
  • Frozen hotels work by keeping certain surfaces covered, such as restaurant benches and beds housed inside a bed frame made of ice.
  • With this type of set-up, hotel guests can enjoy an igloo experience, without being uncomfortable or cold throughout their stay.

2. Unique architecture

Due to the materials used to build ice hotels, these hotels lend themselves well to one-of-a-kind architecture. Many ice hotels feature intricate carvings or ornate doorways, steep curves and even native decor.

  • Elements such as columns, windows and chandeliers are carved directly into the building for eye-catching accents that are truly unique to each hotel.

3. Diverse activities and foods

Depending on the country, guests will also find traditional and authentic Scandinavian, Transylvanian and Romanian dishes commonly being offered to add to their experience.

  • Many facilities also offer fireplaces so guests can warm themselves after full days of skiing or snowboarding.
  • Guests who choose not to participate in traditional winter activities can also find unique ways to spend their vacation such as fun ice bowling, which is offered by many ice hotels.

When to book

Because of the cold temperatures needed to maintain ice hotels, most are located in the upper northern hemisphere. Canada and Eastern Europe are home to a majority of the world’s ice hotels.

  • Most don’t open until November or December, when temperatures are cold enough to maintain ice for months at a time.
  • To get in during these busy months, many guests reserve several weeks or months in advance, especially when wanting to stay in a suite or private igloo, which often fill up very quickly.

With a truly unique offering, ice hotels have continued to be a popular tourist hot spot throughout the world, increasingly so to non-adventure travellers.

If you're considering an ice hotel stay, find out what these locations have to offer well before booking a room. Then, grab your hat and gloves and get ready for an adventure!

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