4 decorating tips for small spaces

November 6, 2014

Living in a small home or apartment doesn't mean you have to skimp on decorating, especially if you follow these four helpful tips.

4 decorating tips for small spaces

While many people might find small spaces hard to decorate or organize, in reality, a small space is a great opportunity to display your personality.

1. Clean the clutter

Clutter never looks good, but it's particularly important to get rid of if you live in a small space.

  • If you lack built-in storage in your home, adding some with affordable storage options like baskets on bookshelves can help to contain and conceal smaller items.
  • Another storage solution would be keeping items stored in slim boxes under the bed or couch.

2. Choose multifunctional pieces

Most likely, in a small space, you won't have room to fit every piece of furniture you might want.

When selecting pieces, choose furniture that can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Set up a table in your living space to use at meal time that can also be used as a desk when you need to work.
  • Buy an ottoman to rest your feet on that has storage space inside for things like linens.

3. Use colour to designate spaces

If you live in a place where you will use one room for multiple purposes, like a studio apartment, consider using colour to delineate which spaces will be used for which activity.

  • For example, paint one wall in your dining area a certain colour, then paint the wall in the living space a few feet away a different, but coordinating colour.
  • By painting the walls, you can demarcate space in a way that is natural and still aesthetically pleasing.

4. Design vertically

You might not have a lot floor space in your small home. This means you should take advantage of the wall space and any height you do have.

  • Add lots of wall shelves to create more storage space, or consider lofting your bed to have room to place furniture underneath.
  • Placing design elements, like paintings and mirrors, high on the walls can give spaces the illusion that they are taller or bigger than they actually are.
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