4 tantalizing poutine variations

November 3, 2015

There may be no food more quintessentially Canadian than poutine. The crispy, nutty fries with rich cheese curds and warm gravy is a treat that is as delicious as it is filling. If you want some creative ideas for how to spice up your poutine, check out the four variations below.

4 tantalizing poutine variations

1. BBQ-style poutine

  • You can create a dish that tastes southern by adding some BBQ chicken and cheddar cheese to your poutine.
  • Rather than cheese curds and gravy, top a bowl of French fries with braised, pulled chicken in a sweet BBQ sauce.
  • Then add large chunks of cheddar cheese to the top and broil to melt.
  • Finally, top with more BBQ sauce, and serve. This poutine is a good way to incorporate more protein into the dish.

2. The poutine burger

  • Want the taste of poutine, but in a different form? Try making a poutine hamburger!
  • Simply cook a beef patty, and place it on a bun with lettuce and a little mayonnaise. Then, top the burger with traditional cheese curds and gravy from a poutine dish.
  • Finally, serve with a side of fries. This burger gives the complete flavour of poutine — cheese, gravy, and potatoes.

3. Sweet potato poutine

  • This simple poutine variation can result in a huge flavour difference. Rather than cook poutine with traditional french fries, use sweet potato fries to pack in extra flavour.
  • The sweetness of the sweet potatoes is a great pairing for the rich topping, since the flavour can balance out the rich, heavy saltiness of traditional poutine.

4. Poutine with ramen

  • Ramen is all the rage these days, with restaurateurs making everything from hamburger buns to pizza crusts with the budget-friendly noodles.
  • One good way to use ramen is to form is to cook it, then use egg to form it into french-fry-shaped wedges, then fry it.
  • Then, you can use the ramen wedges in the place of french fries, and top with curds and gravy.
  • Not only does using ramen give the poutine a different texture and flavour profile, it also is a budget-friendly way to make the dish, since ramen is a very affordable grocery item.


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