5 clever decorating ideas for Thanksgiving

November 3, 2015

Fall is a time of year that merits a warm, natural decorating style that complements the Thanksgiving holiday. To bring the fall season to your home, here are some clever decorating ideas that can be created with low-cost accents or items you already have around the house.

5 clever decorating ideas for Thanksgiving

1. Harvest accents

Traditional autumnal accents such as corn husks and gourds can be quite inexpensive during the late summer, into fall. Consider purchasing smaller ones for table decorations, and larger gourds and pumpkins for your entryway.

  • If your front yard space allows, consider buying bales of hay from local farmers or farming supply venues to create simple and clever accents outside the home – or even use them to create a friendly front-yard scarecrow.

2. Fall lighting

The best lighting for Thanksgiving displays is a warm, muted light.

  • Look for yellow bulbs, particularly after Christmas when prices of strand lights goes down.
  • Solar lights also are a great option for illuminating your home's exteriors.
  • Place simple staked solar lights near corn husks, hay bales, or scarecrows for a classic look.

3. Natural features

When it comes to the exterior of your home, don't overlook trees or shrubs as you decorate for Thanksgiving.

  • String clear or warm-white strand lights around trees and hedges.
  • Fill a wheelbarrow with coloured leaves and a couple pumpkins.
  • If you have boulders or stone features in your yard, make the most of them with a spotlight or fall-themed projection.

4. Bountiful beauty

Thanksgiving is a time of bounty, so play this up with displays of fresh fruits and vegetables wherever you can.

  • Use baskets to create arrangements all around the home.
  • Line stairways or steps with multi-colour pumpkins; it is possible to find orange, red, yellow, green, and even white pumpkins in some markets.

5. Tabletop themes

The table should be the showpiece of the home during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Create a mouthwatering display in the middle with the traditional cornucopia overflowing with unique gourds or mini-pumpkins.
  • For a more elegant look, scatter fall leaves and cedar branches in the centre of your table.
  • Add flameless tea lights throughout the boughs and leaves to illuminate the display safely. The illumination of these convenient little lights is very flattering, warm, and welcoming.

There is nothing like inviting family and friends to a dinner party during the crisp, fall season. Use these suggestions to make your home a cozy retreat that friends and family want to spend Thanksgiving at this year.

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