5 essential online resources for roadtripping Canada on a budget

July 4, 2017

by Stephanie Foden

Planning a road trip? While old school, hard copy maps and guidebooks may bring a fuzzy, nostalgic feel to you adventures, they shouldn’t be your only source of guidance. Plugging into the online tools and resources available today can make your journey that much more enjoyable – and affordable. Read on for Stephanie Foden’s five essential resources you’ll want to have on your side as you hit the road. [Image credit: Stephanie Foden]

5 essential online resources for roadtripping Canada on a budget

For five months in 2016 I lived and traveled in a 1987 motorhome I bought online, which was probably life hinting at me that, no matter how far off the beaten path I wanted to go, the Internet better come along for the ride. Sure enough I got myself this tiny mobile modem, and looking back I can totally see just how much harder (and more expensive) life on the road would’ve been without it.

I’ll be heading out to complete the coast-to-coast trip from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland in the summer of 2017. For long-haul travels like mine (and driving a behemoth of an RV also like mine) I always need to stay on budget.
Am I saying let digital take control over your trip? Hell no. This is your adventure. While this article lists five little, convenient, unobtrusive road assistants, read on and you’ll quickly understand how they can mean the difference between fun in the sun and highway to hell.

1. Ontario Gas Prices

Don’t be fooled by the name – Ontario Gas Prices shows up-to-date fuel prices across the whole country. This has saved me quite a few bucks throughout my adventures. It helped me choose the right gas station and when headed into a high-priced fuel zone, fill up my gas can in advance. If you’re like me and have an old gas-guzzling rig, this site should always be open on your browser.

2. Free Campsites

I’ve used the Free Campsites website multiple times on the road. Users can add to the map of great secret (or not so secret) free campsites they’ve used. From supermarket parking lots to abandoned highways with soaring views of Lake Superior, you can always find the right place to crash for the night.

3. Go RVing Canada

This is the go-to source for all things RVing in Canada, from sales and rentals to campgrounds and comprehensive maintenance tips. One great part of the site I like to use is their fully customizable trip planner, which is a handy assistant in determining your route and stops along the way.

4. Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is like CouchSurfing, only for motorhomes. Fellow RVers will let you park on their property, hook up your rig and maybe even offer great local advice. It works on a review and trust basis and is completely free and legal to do. You just need to sign up for an initial membership to have full access to the site.

5. Parks Canada

Since it’s Canada 150 and all National Parks are free this year, it’ll likely be a huge part of any Canadian road trip. You know, there’s a reason why we’re so proud of our parks. The Parks Canada website has loads of information on each park, including things to do, camping and trip planning.

Now that you have the coolest online resources for your great Canadian road trip, you’re ready to go out there and explore. With these nifty tools in hand, being amazed by our country will be easier than ever.

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