5 things to consider when buying a baby crib

December 26, 2014

A well-rested baby is a happy baby. When buying a crib, keep these five things in mind so every night is a good night for you and your baby.

1. Types of baby cribs

Cribs come in different designs so choose one to suit your nursery and your needs.

Fixed cribs: The standard baby crib is a fixed piece of furniture. Cribs range from simple and small to elegant and large, with hand-painted designs and extra features. Whatever you decide, you’ll want a fixed crib that’s strong, appropriately sized and matches your baby’s room décor.

Portable cribs: A portable crib has lockable wheels and an ultra-light design that’s perfect for travelling. They tend to be smaller, so they’re ideal for apartments and other small spaces.

Convertible cribs: A convertible crib grows with the baby, expanding into a toddler bed to save you time and money. These cribs also help smooth the transition into new nursery furniture since the piece is familiar. Look for a four-in-one crib if you want to have a bed that lasts for years instead of months.

2. Crib bedding

Baby bedding is just as important as the crib itself. When looking at nursery bedding, keep things to a minimum and ensure the mattress is the right size for the crib. If you can fit two fingers between the mattress and the crib’s edge, it’s too small. Other than that, a properly fitted sheet and waterproof pad are all the nursery bedding baby needs.

3. Extra features

Cribs now come with plenty of features so bedtime’s easier for parents and babies. Here are just a few:

  • Adjustable mattress heights: This feature can save you from bending over to pick up your baby in the first few months, and the mattress can be lowered as your child grows
  • Teething rail: Teething is hard on everyone and this special rail gives babies a teething toy that protects their gums as well as the crib’s rails
  • Drawers: Some cribs have small drawers underneath so your important baby supplies are within arm’s reach.

4. The nursery

A crib needs to fit your nursery’s size and layout. Before shopping, measure the space available, allowing space between the crib and hazards (drapes, cords and electrical outlets), to determine what size the crib should be.

5. Safety

Safety should be your first concern when buying a crib. Ensure that it has Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) safety certification. Locks on droppable sides must be secure. A proper-sized mattress has no more than three centimetres between the crib and mattress and the bars should be no more than six centimetres apart. Crib bumpers are not a good idea because they could cause suffocation.

Help keep your baby healthy, happy and safe in the right crib. With these five factors in mind, you can find one that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

5 things to consider when buying a baby crib
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