5 tips to buying a business sign

December 12, 2014

A sign is the first impression a customer has of your business. Before buying a business sign, consider these crucial tips.

Big or small, carved in stone or etched in wood, imprinted in metal or printed on plastic, with neon lights or a soft back-lit glow, there is a seemingly endless variety of custom made signs you can choose from. If you can dream it, chances are someone can make it.

5 tips to buying a business sign

1. Where will the sign be displayed?

Will it be in an exterior or interior space? If it’s going outside, it will have to be strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather. Will it hang or be mounted? How can it stand out from the environment around it? For example, with street signs, the environmental backdrop of green vegetation and blue sky must be considered in the design process so that the signs stand out enough for drivers to see. All of these questions will help determine the type of materials, fonts and colours of your sign.

2. What type of business do you run?

Think about the type of sign or material that would fit your company’s image and brand. For example, if you sell outdoor supplies or rustic furniture, you might want to think about a carved wood sign that is reflective of the outdoors and nature. On the flip side, if you sell state-of-the-art technology, perhaps your sign should be made of a cutting-edge material or a sleek clean steel or plastic with a modern font.

3. How much do you want to spend?

There are many companies that specialize in designing and manufacturing signs. And the manufacturing process—and cost—will vary greatly depending on the material the sign is made of and the labour involved in making it. By determining your budget, you can start to narrow your search for a sign company or designer.

4. Will it last?

A good sign needs to have staying power, especially if it’s an exterior sign. You might want to invest a little more in a well-made sign that will stand the test of time. Otherwise, you’ll just have to spend more money down the road having a new one made.

5. How and where is it made?

You can find cheaper signs mass-produced in factories, or custom signs handmade by local artisans and designers. You need to decide if it’s important to you how and where it’s made and how much you want to spend.

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