8 essential things you must remember to do before you move

December 8, 2014

Despite the effort that goes into planning a big move, it's easy to overlook key details. To help you, here are eight essential things you must remember to do before you move.

8 essential things you must remember to do before you move

1. Notify people of your new address

Before anything else, ask Canada Post to redirect all your mail.

  • Opt for the 12-month service as the best value. This way, if you forgot to notify someone of your change of address, you’ll know as soon as you receive the rerouted letter.
  • To speed up the process, the government gives you the option to change your address online. This streamlines the administrative process: you’ll cover several government jurisdictions at once, including family allowance, the electoral list, and more. You'll also know it's done and that the change is registered in the government's system.

2. Think about your health

Don’t forget to notify your physician, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist and any other healthcare professional.

  • Be sure to include any alternative therapists and practitioners, such as chiropractors and massage therapists.

3. Don't forget work and school

Your employer must be notified of your new address, as well as changes to your banking information, if applicable.

  • If you’ve changed financial institutions, remember to provide a new cheque if applicable.
  • If necessary, update this information with all professional associations with which you are affiliated.
  • Your child’s school must be informed of your new address. If your child is changing schools, you must notify the new institution or communicate this to the day care. Although you may be inclined to "forget" the school board, you're still required to pay school taxes.

4. Tell your insurance, financial institutions and investment dealers

Notify your insurance broker, and all financial advisors in charge of your investments. Furthermore:

  • Take the opportunity to order a new chequebook and change the address on your credit card.
  • Notify your health and life insurance administrators.
  • Don’t forget your car and homeowner insurance, too.
  • Note: you'll need to review the details of your homeowner’s policy with your broker.

5. Inform your residential service providers

Generally, this includes electricity, gas, phone (and cell phone), television and Internet.

  • These services must be disconnected on moving day, and the service providers must be notified of your new address and date of entry to complete the transfer.
  • Avoid reconnecting these services the same day of the move, as some services usually require a visit from a technician.

6. Update your permits and licence

Remember your driver's license, car registration, as well as firearm or hunting permits.

7. Don't overlook these easy-to-forget items

Remembering everything you should do before moving is no small task!

  • Don’t forget your magazine subscriptions and passport information.
  • If you run a home business and have couriers delivering packages to your house, they should also be notified of your new address.

8. For everyone else

For your family and friends, a simple phone call, voicemail, text, email or in-person conversation will suffice. Everyone you encouraged to volunteer on the big day will also have your new address!

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