9 ways to find festive flowers at discount prices

July 28, 2015

Flowers always add style to a party, but can be expensive. With this advice, you can keep your costs low, even if you have to buy store-bought flowers.

9 ways to find festive flowers at discount prices

1. Bunches in season

  • Only buy flowers in season, as the more exotic the bloom, the higher its cost.
  • Buy flowers in bunches of the same variety, as flower arrangements tend to cost more and will limit your options.
  • Add stems of baby's breath or carnations, which are inexpensive and complement roses.
  • Mixed displays always look more opulent.

2. Choose your supplier

  • Supermarkets can be a cheap source of flowers near the end of their blooms.
  • Avoid buying flowers at places like gas stations and corner stores, where prices can be higher and the flowers may not last.

3. Save at farmers' markets

Farmers' markets often have flower stalls and their blooms are reasonably priced. Flowers may even be cheaper at the end of the day, when they need to be sold.

4. Bulk buys at flower markets

Search your local directory for flower markets in your area. Their prices are lower than supermarkets' and tend to be of a higher quality.

5. Floral fillers

  • Use greenery — preferably from your own garden — to make floral displays go further.
  • Herbs such as rosemary or lavender give arrangements a wonderful scent.
  • Cut or buy seasonal foliage to fill up the vases. Alternatively, use good artificial foliage — few will be able to tell the difference.

6. Artful artifice

  • Combine paper, silk or ceramic flowers with fresh greenery.
  • Artificial flowers can be used year after year.
  • Add some seasonal decorations: ribbons, ears of corn, small glass ornaments, paper or wooden shapes glued to the end of lengths of wire. Your party theme will suggest other options.
  • Finish your bouquets with a wrap of coloured cellophane or tulle.

7. Fruit and nuts

When making a table centrepiece or wreath for a door, use fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts for an inexpensive arrangement.

8. Bowers of green

For a stunning effect, lop off branches from shrubs or trees such as euonymus or fir. Wash off any insects and place them on bare walls or on a buffet table. Remember, though, that you are not permitted to take greenery from public places.

9. Frugal flowers

You will pay more for bouquets that have been arranged with foliage and tied with cellophane and ribbons, so choose cheap bunches or buy stems individually and make your own floral arrangements.

Flower arrangements can be an unexpected cost for any occasion. But if you get creative with where you get your flowers and what goes in your arrangements, you can save money and still have something beautiful.

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