Five tomato-free pizza toppings

November 3, 2015

Five tomato-free pizza toppings

Here are five delicious pizza topping suggestions for people who don't like tomatoes or for those who simply want a change from their usual pizza topping.

Five tomato-free pizza toppings

1. Tapenade and feta cheese

Tapenade is an olive-based spread that takes little to no time to turn into a pizza sauce. Packed with summery Mediterranean flavours, spicy tapenade has the consistency of a thick tomato sauce. You can spread your favourite tapenade over a pizza crust just as you would apply butter to a slice of toast. Then add crumbled feta cheese, and top it with fresh chopped oregano.

2. Pumpkin and ham

Puréed pumpkin has a similar consistency to tomato sauce. Try adding ham or pepperoni to the pizza along with fresh basil or parsley leaves. This recipe also benefits from small pineapple chunks for a Hawaiian touch.

3. Muhammara

Used extensively in Turkish and Syrian cooking, muhammara is a roasted red pepper spread full of spicy, smoky flavours. Add thin strips of cooked steak and finely chopped red onions to the pizza for a traditional Middle Eastern flavour combination.

4. Pesto and olives

Pesto is not just a great accompaniment for pasta dishes. It works just as well as a pizza topping. You can use a store-bought jar of pesto for your pizza, but preparing a homemade version is even more delicious, and it doesn't take long to make. Purée basil, toasted pine nuts, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan cheese in your blender, and add sliced black olives to your pizza for bursts of intense flavour.

5. Chimichurri and chili beef

Argentinian chimichurri sauce is a mixture of finely ground oregano, parsley, garlic and olive oil. It is traditionally used to flavour beef dishes, and it is delicious as a pizza sauce. If you like a bit of spicy heat, top your pizza with ground beef fried with crushed, dried chilies.

Almost any kind of dip or pureed vegetable can work as a pizza sauce. Buy ready made pizza dough, and then all you need to do is pour on the sauce, add a few of your favourite toppings and bake. With a little creative cookery, you'll see there's more to pizza than just the same old red sauce.


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