5 tips for stress-free gift giving

July 28, 2015

If you want to avoid the stress of getting a last-minute gift, consider keeping a stash of these presents that fit any and every gift-giving occasion.

5 tips for stress-free gift giving

1. Consider giving gift cards

Gift cards are appropriate for any age and occasion. They're also easy to buy and keep on hand in a pinch.

  • Think along the lines of online outlets or retail stores with plenty of accessible locations. This versatility alone makes them a favourite with gift givers and recipients alike.

The best thing about gift cards? They're always the right size, never the wrong colour, and guaranteed to be appreciated.

2. Have some wine on hand

During the holiday season, a bottle of wine in the $15 to $25 price range is a great gift to bring to a dinner party. That's why it pays to stock a few bottles in the pantry "just in case".  Just be sure to replace the bottle if it's been a while since you bought it.

3. Offer a great book

This could be a favourite cookbook, a blank journal or a particularly lovely photo album. Why not add some pictures to it for a personal touch. You may even want to keep a couple of children's books on hand in case of a child's birthday.

  • Books of all types are an inspirational gift for anyone moving on to a new phase of life, like a graduate, a newlywed or a retiree.

4. Make a charitable donation

You can give a gift in someone's name and tailor the donation to his or her interests.

  • For example, you could buy a vegetable garden for an impoverished family from a charity, such as Oxfam, in the name of your friend who loves to garden.

5. All the wrapping supplies you need

To make wrapping a breeze, be sure to have these items on hand:

  • Small, medium and large gift bags in bright colours and non-themed patterns.
  • A package of tissue paper.
  • A box of blank all-occasion cards.

Being invited to a last-minute get together or forgetting a birthday doesn't have to induce stress. By always having a few choice gifts on hand, you'll be ready for any event that comes your way.

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