The best motorcycle-towing options for your next trip

January 15, 2015

Are you planning a trip you'd like to bring your motorcycle along for? You can buy a trailer, rent one, or have a company ship it to your destination for you.

The best motorcycle-towing options for your next trip

Buying a trailer

If you own a motorcycle, there may be occasions when you need to transport it but cannot drive it to the destination. Having a trailer is very helpful, especially because you can use it more than once.

Obviously, it’s an investment and a new trailer can cost a few thousand dollars, which is significant. The purchase will pay for itself after a few uses, plus you can always have it on hand for other moving purposes.

Buying a used trailer is a huge money-saver and it's worth looking into.

Utility trailer

One option is to purchase a flatbed or utility trailer, which is very versatile. Add a wheel chock to stabilize the motorcycle, if you don’t already have one. You’ll have to securely attach the bike to the trailer and tie it down with ratchet straps to prevent it from moving, tipping or otherwise getting damaged during transport. These trailers are usually large enough to haul two motorcycles at once.

It’s important to never place a cover over the bike when transporting it on an open trailer. The wind will cause the cover to vibrate which will rub against the bike and potentially cause damage.

Last but not least, check the weight of the bike to make sure it doesn’t exceed the towing capacity of the trailer.

Enclosed trailer

If you have a long distance to travel, want to transport your bike during the winter season, or if you have several bikes to tow, consider purchasing an enclosed trailer. Although more expensive, it’s the best way to protect your valuable cargo and prevent damage.

Renting a trailer

If you’ve just purchased a motorcycle and need to pick it up, or if you’re only travelling for a day or two, or if you’re moving, a trailer rental is your most affordable solution. In these particular situations, the cost to purchase a trailer (and the trailer hitch) isn’t really justified, especially if you don’t foresee using it again.

Renting is also a good option if you don’t have the extra space to store a trailer on your property.

Professional transport for bikes

Transport companies offer many services, among them, transporting motorcycles. In fact, some shipping and transport companies specialize exclusively in shipping recreational vehicles, which includes motorcycles.

Specialized shipping and transport companies can deliver your motorcycle as far as Florida, if that's where you plan to spend the winter. This service eliminates the need to travel by car and the hassle of dealing with a trailer during your stay.

For peace of mind, nothing beats hiring a professional. They can help you with shipping but also provide valuable assistance in the event of a mechanical failure or an accident.

Before making up your mind, assess your needs and budget, and then weigh the pros and cons to determine which of these options is best for you.

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