The healthy way to get a mani-pedi

February 19, 2016

There’s nothing prettier than a mani/ pedi – it’s the ultimate in pampering. But you should make sure you aren’t exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Here’s how to ensure that your manicure is as healthy as it is beautiful.

The healthy way to get a mani-pedi

Check out the salon

  • Don’t just go for the lowest price point; make sure the salon practices good hygiene, which includes sanitizing instruments, discarding disposable items, and disinfecting all surfaces, whirlpools or tubs in between clients.
  • Otherwise, you could end up with a fungal problem or infection.

Nail polish

  • It’s a good idea to bring your own polish to the salon.
  • Look for a non-toxic polish from a brand that’s labelled 3-free or 5-free, meaning it’s free of the most harmful chemicals.
  • Buy polish with UV protection.
  • Tip: As a change from polish, check out the vast array of nail stickers available at drugstores.

Nail polish removers

Acetone, commonly used to remove polish, can be toxic. Look for soy-based polish removers, which are safer for you.

Go easy on shellac manicures

  • Yes, they last a long time, but the polish must be hardened under UV lamps, which can be harmful to your health.
  • And the polish remover used to remove the gel or shellac is powerful stuff that’s very drying and can actually cause your nails to peel.

Go au naturel sometimes

  • It’s fine to get your hands and feet manicured, but skip a polish application every once in a while.
  • Gel manicures can cause nails to be come weak and brittle. As well, polish can hide health problems, such as fungus or infection under the nails on hands and feet.
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