The latest trends in haircuts for men

November 18, 2013

Men’s hairstyles have changed as guys now shamelessly join the ranks of fashion with haircuts that reflect their status and personality. No longer are men confined to a standard look, with cookie-cutter haircuts and 10-minute trims.

The latest trends in haircuts for men
  • Cuts, colouring and styling for men have become more specialized over the years, as the market has adapted to our demands.
  • More and more of us are looking for a unique style and a good barber or stylist who knows how to cut it.
  • If you want a cut that brands you as a serious professional, or a sporty look that defines you as someone who doesn’t agonize over his hairdo, choosing the right stylist is the beginning of the making of your look.

Trends in haircuts for men

  • The current trend in men’s haircuts is towards a bit of volume: not too short, natural looking style and lots of movement.
  • With the right cut, you can comb it back with some styling pomade or gel, and pull off an unpretentious glamour-guy look that will make your partner want to walk the red carpet with you.

Why trust a stylist?

  1. You can get great results from renowned stylists at big salons, but don’t forget about your local barber either. Choose a professional who knows men’s hairstyles. He or she will have the right kind of razors and clippers to give you a cut that suits your image. And don’t forget to ask if you can get an old-fashioned shave with a straight razor and steamed towels.
  2. Stylists are trained to able to suggest a look that is 100 per cent adapted to your type of hair, facial features and personal style. They will know what to do with your receding hairline, textured hair and greying hair, too. They rely on their clientele for business and are motivated to offer personalized service and advice.
  3. A visit to a barbershop or salon also allows for a moment of down-time in your busy schedule. So, while your hair is being cut just sit back and relax, or read the newspaper.
  4. Don’t forget to ask your stylist about products designed to prevent hair loss or cover up grey. He or she will also be able to suggest a good quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products to help you maintain your cut.
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