The secret to finding the best hotel buffets in Canada

February 3, 2015

When travelling, few things are more convenient than having an in-hotel buffet ready for your dining needs and tastes. Finding the best hotel buffet is a matter of doing some homework before you arrive. The bright sides are that this doesn’t have to be costly and there’s a hotel buffet for every taste and budget. Here’s how to find what you’re looking for.

The secret to finding the best hotel buffets in Canada

Start with basic research

Before you book a hotel, browse its website. Often, they will list the weekly buffet menu (unless it’s a gourmet buffet, in which case it would not be available until the day the food was cooked).

Next, look at consumer reviews of the hotel itself. While you read the reviews, look to see what other travellers have said about the buffet. Was the food hot? Was it fresh? Was the cost of the buffet included in the hotel stay, or was it an extra charge?

As a last part of your research, utilize food review sites to find out more information about the buffet you are considering.

Ask the hotel

The next step is to talk to the hotel directly. Call the hotel and ask to speak to either the concierge or to the buffet staff. Ask them about the types of food they cook. Do they offer special dietary options? How often is the food cooked and swapped out of the hot plates? How busy is the buffet hall, typically? Is there any personal service from staff, or is the buffet purely self-serve? Do they only offer breakfast, or do they serve food all day?

You can have convenient, good quality, and fresh food at the next hotel you book if you vet your buffet options ahead of time. When you don’t have to leave the hotel to grab a meal, you’ll be happy you put some consideration into the food options readily available to you.

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