Why you should stay in a treehouse hotel

December 23, 2014

Always wanted a treehouse when you were a kid? Find out why a stay in a treehouse hotel may be perfect for you.

Why you should stay in a treehouse hotel

Imagine camping in the great outdoors, except instead of staying in a tent or nesting like a squirrel, you get to sleep in a comfy bed with sheets under a proper roof. You’ll be able to find treehouse hotels almost anywhere, from the jungle to our Canadian forests. They’re definitely a bit more rustic than regular hotels, but they are definitely more luxurious than any other camping experience. There’s a whole variety of different types of treehouse cabins, from the individual shelter to multi-room, mini-hotels perched in treetops.

Basic amenities

Some offer very simply decorated, basic rooms, with bedding and seating areas. In smaller cabins, you may not have bathrooms at all and will need to make your way to a principle building for shared flushing toilets and showers. Lanterns are often provided, but solar-powered electricity isn’t always available.

Fancier amenities

From composting toilets to basic showers, you may find treehouses with more luxurious amenities. Thanks to a simple kitchen set-up with a propane stove and counter space, some cabins may even allow you to leave most of your camping gear at home. Some set-ups even have solar-powered electricity and all sorts of fun extras like hammocks and swings.

The perfect summertime vacation

A stay in a treehouse is perfect for the glamorous camper – or if you love the outdoors and want to share your passion with a loved one who is much less fond of roughing it in the wilderness. It can be a fun summer adventure. Plus, many treehouse hotels are situated near national parks, which is perfect for accessing the country’s most beautiful views, going for a hike, and finishing up with a calming swim.

Try it once and fall in love with the experience!

They're available all year round

Always fancied camping in the winter, but not tough enough to handle the cold Canadian winters? This is a great opportunity to get out there and spend a few days in the woods enjoying all of your favourite outdoor winter activities, while having a comfy room to sleep in.

From snowshoeing to sliding on crazy carpets and toboggans, there are tons of fun activities to partake in during a weekend getaway. Or head over to a nearby ski hill and get your adrenaline pumping! You can even follow that up with a visit to an outdoor spa to give those tired muscles a break as well as some good old rest and relaxation.

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