4 fun wedding reception activities other than dancing

October 13, 2015

Wedding receptions tend to be lively occasions, filled with eating, drinking and especially dancing. However, dancing need not be the focus. If you're planning a reception, why not give these four other fun activities a try?

4 fun wedding reception activities other than dancing

1. Play lawn games

  • A great way to have fun at an outdoor wedding reception is to play lawn games.
  • Set up a variety of lawn games, like horseshoes, croquet, badminton or a bean bag toss.
  • Not only will guests have fun and enjoy a little friendly competition, but the outdoor games will also provide a fun and festive photo opp.

2. Karaoke

  • Some people don't like to dance, but they do like to sing.
  • Consider setting up a karaoke machine and stage at the wedding if you know your friends and family members would appreciate the opportunity to serenade the crowd.
  • Ask guests to take turns performing their favourite songs.
  • Guests will have a ball at the wedding, and you'll save money that you would have spent on an expensive band or DJ.
  • You can even stage your own version of popular singing competition TV shows and ask the newlyweds to choose their favourite performer at the end of the reception.

3. Seated dinner

  • Consider having a longer dinner, rather than a buffet or short meal.
  • Plan three or four courses with your caterer and ask staff members to serve guests who are seated at the tables.
  • After dinner, cut the cake and serve it to guests, too.
  • People will enjoy sitting at a table and being served, and good conversation is often enough to keep anyone entertained at a party.
  • Consider hiring a band to play soft music during the dinner to create a festive atmosphere.

4. Activity stations

  • Set up activity stations throughout the reception space to keep people engaged and having fun.
  • Make the stations a place where guests can do something creative, like write a note in a book for the bride and groom or make masks that they'll use in a photo booth.
  • Hire a fortune teller for a truly unique wedding activity that guests won't forget.
  • Guests will have a blast all night if you choose five or six activity ideas.
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