5 benefits of retractable awnings

November 3, 2015

Retractable awnings are great for barbecues or just enjoying the outdoors without a direct hit from the sun. They offer many benefits that are more than aesthetic. 

5 benefits of retractable awnings

1. Kinds of retractable awnings

  • Retractable awnings come in two basic designs: manual or electric.
  • Many users like the electric awnings because they can be extended by remote control.
  • Manual awnings must be cranked by the user, but usually come with a lower price tag than electric awnings.
  • Awnings can cover sizable areas or can be custom-fitted to smaller-sized decks or patios.

2. Add to the look and cost-efficiency of your home

  • Retractable awnings offer the home owner a number of benefits. Use an awning as a shelter or screen for an outdoor space. You can extend the covering fully, partially or retract it completely.
  • Because of their streamlined styles, retractable awnings reduce the need for the use of support poles. Poles can detract from the total design and can pose a tripping hazard.

3. Maximize shade

  • You can maximize the shade in your outdoor living space and reduce glare by using a retractable awning, especially in sunny locations. With an awning, you can enjoy a nice summer day without worrying about sunburn.

4. Customized style

  • Customize a retractable awning and make it fit in with the architectural style and energy needs for your home. Not only does the awning add space and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, it can increase the amount of space used by creating a covered outdoor living space.

5. Control the amount of sunlight

  • Retractable window awnings can be used to control the brightness in a room. Retract the awning on cloudy days to add light or extend the canopy on summer days when the sunlight is at its height.

6. Cut down on energy any time of the year

  • Reduce air conditioning or heating costs with an awning. Retract the awning on a cool winter's day to allow the sun to warm a room or extend it to protect your home from the sun's blistering heat during the summer.
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