'Tis the season! 7 tips for planning a Christmas wedding

October 6, 2015

Spring may be the most popular season for weddings, but winter nuptials can be just as beautiful and elegant. These tips can help you plan the perfect Christmas wedding.

'Tis the season! 7 tips for planning a Christmas wedding

1. Seasonal decorations

Decorations are paramount in setting the mood for your wedding.

  • Try using flowers that match the season, including roses, calla lilies or other winter blooms.
  • They can be used as table settings or placed along the altar to create a wintry atmosphere.
  • Continue the festive decor throughout the reception by wrapping the back of guests' chairs in a seasonal ribbon.

2. Colour palette

For the perfect winter wedding, use a seasonal colour palette.

  • This could include muted tones of beige and white or a more colourful green and red palette. Use these hues all throughout the wedding and reception areas.

3. Choose the right attire

Encourage guests to wear attire that matches the winter season to really drive home the theme.

  • This includes darker colours such as black, brown or grey.
  • Offset these muted tones by using accents of red or green to match the festive holiday season.

4. Design the right invitations

Design formal invitations that match the decorations. Using muted tones and an elegant typeface really sets the mood for the upcoming winter wedding.

5. Decorate the cake with seasonal flair

When it comes to wedding cake decorations, the options are virtually boundless, but for the perfect winter wedding, use a muted colour palette and be sure to match the decor.

  • A cake decorated in white with seasonal ribbons and red roses creates an elegant and festive look. Peppermint, anyone?

6. Create seasonal favours

Favours allow guests to take a memory of the wedding home with them, so matching it to the decor will recall the memory of the night down the road.

  • Send them home with seasonal desserts such as gingerbread or peppermint bark in an elegant glass jar wrapped in ribbon.

7. Choose the right music

The right music can make or break the mood, so choose a playlist that is both fun and elegant.

  • A piano or jazz playlist are great options that will comfort and energize your guests. If you prefer a live band, choose a jazz trio or a pianist who can truly create a soothing ambiance.

Winter appreciation

Whether you create a holiday-themed wedding or choose a more muted theme, winter weddings can be elegant and inviting. With the right colours, music, attire and food, guests will leave happy with a new appreciation for winter.

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