Creating a beautiful orchid bouquet

November 21, 2014

Creating a beautiful orchid bouquet

Orchids are a beautiful flower that symbolize love, luxury, beauty, and strength. They are a delicate plant that also represents the 14th wedding anniversary. Why not also make them part of your wedding bouquet?

Here are a few tips on creating your own orchid wedding bouquet, and how to properly care for the flowers.


Before building your bouquet, be sure to treat your orchids well so they stay beautiful and fresh.

  • To refresh the blooms, submerge the orchids in cool water for 10 to 15 minutes. Be careful when handling—you don’t want to damage the stems or blossoms.
  • Using sharp scissors or shears, cut a centimetre off the bottom of the stem. Cut at a 45-degree angle, which will allow the stem to suck up more water.
  • Fill a clean vase or bucket with cool water and flower food. Take off any leaves that will be under water and place the orchids in the container.
  • If you're not preparing your bouquet immediately, store the flowers in a cool place and mist the blooms daily with cool water.

Building your bouquet

  1. Bring out your bucket of orchids and gently lift the flowers. Use a paper towel to blot excess moisture from the bottom of the stems.
  2. Choose the largest, prettiest bloom to be the centre piece for the arrangement. Hold it securely in one hand, while using the other to add more orchids around the centre one. Allow the additional flowers to sit just below the main flower to create a rounded look.
  3. Turn the bouquet a little each time you add a flower, to ensure that you are building an even, round bouquet. Add as many as you like until you have the shape you are looking for. You may want to add complementary flowers and colours to fill out the bouquet.
  4. Once you're satisfied with the size and shape of your bouquet, secure the stems together with floral tape or wire. You are creating the “handle” for the bouquet.
  5. Once the handle is created, decorate with lace, satin ribbon, tulle, twine, or meshed burlap. Secure with round-headed pins and choose ones that match the buttons on your dress.
  6. If you want extra flair, add a vintage brooch, string of pearls, or any material that matches the design of your wedding decor or dress.
  7. Trim the ends of the stems so they are the same length. If the bouquet needs to sit for a while before the wedding, wrap the bottom of the stems in wet paper towels and lay the bouquet flat in the fridge.
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