Mobile storage containers: a sensible solution!

November 24, 2014

A mobile storage container provides flexibility, convenience and easy access to your belongings. More than just a place to stash stuff, mobile storage containers are a sensible solution for your space needs.
Why use storage?

Four key reasons may be why you opt for a mobile storage container solution:

1. You're moving

This allows you to fill your mobile container at your own pace and convenience. You can load boxes into the container one at a time as you pack them. This will reduce clutter in your home, and reduce the risk of breakage. There’s no delay, and also no time limit to load them.

  • Mobile storage containers allow you to move on your terms, when you're ready.

2. You’re selling your property

Less is more. Home staging is becoming more and more popular with sellers. De-cluttering your home can speed up the sale of your house and increase its selling price. Storing your personal belongings will allow you to highlight the qualities of your home, and potential buyers can envision what the space might be like once they move in their own furniture.

  • Paring down the contents of your house is a great way to expedite the sale and get a better price.

3. Renovation

Home improvement projects ranging from a simple upgrade to larger, more ambitious renovations can create chaos.

  • Whatever the extent of your home improvement project, you’ll find different sized mobile containers to accommodate the storage you need. That way you'll have more space to work without knocking things over.

4. Home emergencies or disaster management

Following a fire, water damage, or natural disaster mobile storage containers can be a valuable service.

  • You can safely store your belongings while you wait to relocate or repair.

Good to know!

  • The storage container can be stored at home for easy access, or delivered to a warehouse facility. Your choice.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your possessions are protected under lock and key. (Only you will have the key).
  • You have the option of long term or short term storage, either on site or at a storage facility. Containers of different dimensions are available to suit your needs.
  • Most companies deliver the container directly to your door. You load it at your own pace.
  • Most containers are weather-proof and can withstand winds of up to 177 km/h, when at least partially filled.
  • Delivery trucks are equipped with lift systems and ramps to prevent the contents of your container from slipping on the way to a storage facility.
  • Most containers are constructed with aluminum panels and reinforced steel frames. Some containers have a translucent (but resistant) polymer roof to let in light. This helps with loading since you can see where everything is. Others are equipped with a lightweight, corrugated steel roll-up door.

Once you are ready to move, companies can provide transport of the storage container directly to the new address. In this case, you won’t have to rent a truck and it can also reduce the number of boxes to pack and unpack.

Whether because of a job transfer, renovations, or an emergency, having to move your belongings is a stressful experience. Because mobile containers safeguard them, it's one less thing you'll have to worry about.Mobile storage containers truly are a sensible solution!

Mobile storage containers: a sensible solution!
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