The secrets to finding the perfect mountain hotel

February 3, 2015

Mountain hotels combine the best of all worlds — luxury, scenery, and solitude. Here are some things to consider when searching for the perfect mountain hotel.

The secrets to finding the perfect mountain hotel

Proximity to the mountain

If you’re planning a vacation anywhere that has mountains, you’re missing out if you're not considering a mountain hotel. Mountain hotels are typically nestled at the base of a mountain or built right into the side of it at higher elevations. Many properties will advertise themselves as mountain hotels, but in fact can be located several kilometres away from the hotel.

When researching your accommodations, simply ask your travel agent to verify the hotel’s proximity to the mountain. If booking online, familiarize yourself with the destination and area using the mapping and location-finder tools. Another easy way to find a mountain hotel using an online booking service is to use the search field and type in the keyword “mountain”.

Accommodation types

You'll notice mountain hotels can be anything from a cabin hotel, to a bed-and-breakfast, to an inn, to a large chain hotel. Regardless of the type, most either inherently have, or try to incorporate, a rustic feel to them. Rustic doesn’t necessarily imply you can’t go upscale as well, though. In fact, you’ll find that many of the hotels and inns listed in your search results have four or five star ratings so you can satisfy your need for luxury and coziness simultaneously.

On a positive note, you won’t have too much trouble finding budget-friendly options as well, keeping in mind that price tends to go up the closer to the mountain the property is situated. If you’re after seclusion, look for independently owned and operated cabins. You may have to fend for yourself more so than at a full-service chain hotel, but you’ll enjoy a lot more privacy.


Each property will also offer unique features. This could include direct access to remote or hidden hiking trails or a snowboarding and/or skiing facility. Some resorts may offer zip-line adventures, or canyon exploring. Other mountain hotels offer skiing or snowboarding lessons.

If you’re into specialty travel, there are plenty of mountain hotels that offer unique experiences like sustainable cooking courses or art lessons with a locally acclaimed artist. A very common amenity found at most mountain hotels is the full-service spa. Some even offer access to regional hot spring pools, or local detoxifying mud baths. The best way to determine which mountain hotel offers your favourite amenities and services is to visit their website, or call directly and ask to speak to the concierge.

Finding the perfect mountain hotel depends on your personal tastes and needs. The good news is most mountain destinations host a wide variety of accommodation types for all tastes and budgets.

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