Why make your business meetings at a hotel?

December 23, 2014

When it comes to major business meetings, there are a lot of great advantages to doing them at a hotel. Read on to find out why.

Why make your business meetings at a hotel?

Why make your business meetings at the hotel?

When it's time to book a big business meeting, you have a lot of options. You could keep it in house and do it at your office, you could book a lunch meeting at a restaurant or you could pick a surprising location that sets the tone of the meeting in a certain way to impress clients and colleagues. But have you ever considered scheduling your business meetings at a hotel? There are a lot of great advantages to this approach that you might not have considered.

Great reasons to meet at a hotel

One of the first and most obvious things to consider when booking a hotel for business meetings is the simple fact that people can actually stay at the hotel. While this may not be a concern for attendees who live in your city, any business partners or colleagues coming in from another location can stay at the very hotel where the meeting is taking place, making for a convenient, all-encompassing experience.

This can be particularly useful for very large national or international meetings where stakeholders don't see each other in person often. They'll have the time before and after the meeting to meet informally and discuss other projects.

The next thing to consider is that respectable hotels generally have solid meeting facilities. They often have special rooms specifically for meetings, which can be tailored to any size of meeting. These rooms also have the audio visual technology to make your meeting engaging and memorable. In fact, many hotels have on-site tech directors and events specialists to acquire and set up anything you might need to make your meeting great.

It might sound expensive to do it this way, but it can actually save you money. Local operators have connections in their cities that can provide technical equipment for a lot less, and they'll handle all the tedious negotiations and sourcing issues that you would otherwise run into if you were managing the entire meeting yourself.

Plus, a hotel can also take care of catering. All you have to do is describe what you're imagining and give them your budget estimates, and they can generate an all-encompassing experience for your colleagues

Finally, you can't underestimate the value of the concierge. Your colleagues and invited guests can inquire at the hotel for any miscellaneous needs they may have, meaning you can focus on business rather than trying to coordinate everyone's day.

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