5 things to consider before dying your hair black

November 18, 2013

When it’s perfectly coloured and well-groomed, black hair will sparkle in any style, especially if you carry it off with confidence.

5 things to consider before dying your hair black

1. The texture of your hair

Textured black hair tends to be more brittle and dry because of its high porosity. Fortunately, many moisturizing products have been developed over the years to keep even the most fragile kinds of hair healthy. Experts recommend a gentle shampoo, conditioners rich in proteins and moisturizing products that can be applied in the form of a hair mask or nourishing cream. When chemical relaxers are used, it is especially important to follow a daily hair-moisturizing regimen.

2. If you have straight or curly hair

Whether your hair is textured or straight as a board, being a bleached blonde requires a lot of maintenance. That’s probably why colourists are saying that black hair is making a comeback, with both women and men. All you have to do is look at celebrities like Katy Perry to see that daring to go black is worth it.

3. If you want to cover grey

For the not-so-young, it is possible to recover the shine and even tones of raven-headed youth. Just keep in mind that covering grey roots is best done by a professional because of the difficulty in achieving exactly the right shade to match your natural black hair.

4. Your choice of shade

If your hair is not naturally dark, then before you take the plunge, be sure that your chosen shade complements your complexion and eyes. There are different tones of black hair, and not all are compatible with every skin type. A professional colourist will help you decide on just the right shade, depending on your skin tone and the desired result. Although black hair creates an allure of sophistication and mystery, it can be very intense for people with a lighter natural colour. For them, it is advisable to progress gradually, shade by shade, towards black. Start with a medium brown colour, and before going darker decide if your skin is better suited to bluish or reddish undertones.

5. The maintenance of the colour

By choosing to have your colour done by a professional, you’re giving yourself a better chance of an end result that is both glossy and stunning. Your professional will suggest the right hair care products for you to use so you can maintain the shine and colour for several weeks. Use the right shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and styling products to give shine to beautiful black hair—these steps are as important as the colouring itself.

Maintaining the colour also requires regular touch-up appointments with your professional stylist or colourist. They will help make sure that your black hair keeps its even look. We all know how unattractive it is when roots start to show, especially if there is a big contrast between your natural hair colour and the black shade you adore.

For personalized advice, there’s nothing better than the expertise of a professional colourist. So, if you’re thinking about a change, make an appointment with your hair stylist today.

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