The pros and cons of having bangs

November 26, 2014

Considering bangs? You're not the only one; fringe is in fashion as more and more women try out the versatile hairstyle.

The pros and cons of having bangs

Why spring for bangs?

If you're wondering why you might want to consider bangs, just think of the flirty fringe.

  • There's a reason bangs appeal to women — they are versatile, look good with many hair styles, can dress up a casual look and go well with any hair colour.
  • Fashionistas may think bangs come in and out of style, but a well-kept bang is a timeless look.

The downside to bangs

However, there's a downside to bangs for some women.

  • Before committing to bangs, it's best to acknowledge that the style requires lots of maintenance. In order to keep the best-looking bangs possible, you must be ready to visit your stylist more often, opting for regular trims.
  • Depending on your hair texture and style, you must also be prepared to maintain your bangs by styling every morning.

Don't get bangs if...

You feel the look is childish: While it's possible to pull off sophisticated bangs, the look is too young on some women. To soften the childish effect of some bangs, opt for longer bangs instead of a so-short style.

You hate to style your hair: Many women with bangs must put in hours with the curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer in order to recreate the look they got in the salon. It can be achieved at home, but you have to be ready to commit.

You live in a high-humidity climate:
 Unfortunately, high humidity can mean flat bangs. Don't opt for bangs if your local climate will cause your hair to mat or frizz.

You avoid the salon: It is possible to trim bangs at home, but the best bang looks are created with the assistance of a great hair stylist. Ask if your stylist offers free or inexpensive bang trims to keep your look fresh between styles.

You're not sure: Since bangs are such a departure from most hairstyles, they will take a while (and a plan) to grow back. Be sure to take this into consideration when deciding whether or not to take the plunge.

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